Feast of the Transfiguration retreat

Hermitage board member and spiritual director Deb Borst will lead a retreat on the topic of Radical Hospitality. The retreat portion of the day will be offered as a hybrid available both on-site and online.  Schedule 9 – Morning Prayer 9:30—Blessing the Land 10:15—First Session 11—Reflection Questions 12—Lunch 1:15—Second Session 2—Reflection 3—Conversation, Commitment, Communion 4--Dismissal

Ecotheology Retreat #3 – God as Presence

Yellow and mottled grey and black and brown,             We carry her colours, drink from her cup,              The earth we think we own has made us up,              And she will break us down.              -from “Earth to Earth,”


Advent retreat – Seeking God’s Face.

“Restore us, O God; let your face shine, that we may be saved.” (Ps. 80: 3, 7, 19) This year has challenged everyone. We ask ourselves: where is God? Fortunately, during Advent and Christmas we glimpse different angles to view the mystery of God. In the beginning of Advent God seems hidden and we long

“Our Lives are in Your Hands” Lent Online Retreat

Online (Zoom) retreat lead by June Mears Driedger We continue to live with the coronavirus, wearing masks and social distancing. A new president was elected with deep divisions remaining amongst churches, social groups, and even within families. But our lectionary texts for this year remind us that our hope does not remain in political or


CANCELED Ora et Labora – Prayer and Work retreat

Ora et Labora retreat Explore a week of attentive prayer and work. The retreat will be an immersive experience of the Benedictine practices of work and prayer. Each day will include times of gathered prayer, common work, reading, and reflection. What happens to us and to our awareness of God when we enter into the


Witness – Grief, Trauma, and Transition: Quiet day of reflection

The Hermitage 11321 Dutch Settlement Rd, Three RIvers, MI, United States

Recently, I heard the phrase, “grief is in season.”I believe it captures the essence of these days. We have all been experiencing loss in some way. For some, the loss is of relationships or wellness, or even the life of a loved one. For others it is the uncovering of hidden trauma, held in the

Making God Alive – An Advent Quiet Day Retreat

Quilt by Harriet Powers, an enslaved woman (1895-1898 Annalena Tonelli, a woman who served the desert nomads of northern Kenya dying of tuberculosis penned the following words: The poor are waiting for us. The ways of service are infinite and left to the imagination. Let us not wait to be instructed in how to serve.

Lent Quiet Day – The Truth About Freedom

The Hermitage 11321 Dutch Settlement Rd, Three RIvers, MI, United States

Lent is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for “spring.” It denotes the lengthening of days. In Christian practice, it is a time for honest introspection and long reflection on the life and work of Jesus and readies us for an entry into Holy Week culminating in the celebration of Resurrection. We believe we are made