Staff and Community


L to R – Yazzie, Faith, Troy and Priya Bierma

Faith and Troy Bierma joined the Hermitage in the summer of 2022 to assume the role of co-directors.  They bring a long history with the Hermitage and spent part of their honeymoon in our Caryll House cabin. They have worked as missionaries in Bangladesh and Nepal. They have been active in the Christian Reformed Church (CRC). Troy is a minister in the CRC and Faith has pursued certification in two long-term passions of hers, spiritual direction and yoga.

Joel and Patty Hogan have recently joined the Bierma family as part of the resident community. Amory Jewett is also in residence as the Hospitality Assistant. David and Naomi Wenger have moved to Three Rivers but remain closely connected to the Hermitage and continue to offer spiritual direction and massage therapy (David) at the Hermitage.