Individual retreats

We strongly urge all our guests to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before coming on retreat at The Hermitage.

Retreats are special times set aside for paying particular attention to the presence of God in one’s life.


We gratefully receive what you are able to give for the use of this space.  Those who give more make it possible for us to serve those who give less. These costs do not meet our actual costs so any extra that can be offered is appreciated.

Suggested Donations:

  • Day Retreat with lunch (self-guided): $40-$50
  • Overnight with meals (single): $75-$90
  • Overnight with meals (double): $100-$120
  • Apartment overnight with meals (single): $100-$120
  • Apartment overnight with meals (double): $125-$150
  • Spiritual Direction (hour session): $50-$75
  • Self-guided Week Retreat (6 nights): $350-$375
  • Directed Week Retreat (6 nights): $500-$550
  • Monthly rates are discussed individually.

Individual retreats can be self-guided or directed. Those on a self-guided retreat are welcome to participate in the Hermitage framework of Morning Prayer and community meals. A directed retreat combines the listening ear of a Spiritual Director. Guidance may include meditation on a particular passage of scripture and reflection questions to help identify the Spirit’s presence at work in the retreatant. 

Current Hermitage schedule.

Retreat reservation request form

Would you like to meet with someone for spiritual direction during your retreat? (Requested amount of $50-75 per session.) Fees for sessions with David or Naomi Wenger should be paid directly to them.
Do you have any dietary restrictions? We serve simple vegetarian meals and strive to accommodate guests' needs. We may need to ask some guests to bring food to supplement what we provide

Would you like a massage as part of your retreat? Please contact David Wenger, our massage therapist to schedule an appointment or call him at 269-718-3693.