The Stations of the Cross: A Meditative Walk

We offer this online experience of our traditional outdoor stations of the cross. The stations are also set up on the property and guests are free to pray them here if they wish.

Proceed to First Station.

map of stations of the cross

Note: This walk is about a mile in length through varied terrain. You may also choose to pray through the meditations in the Chapel of the Transfiguration or design your own walk in the area around the buildings.

This meditative walk will take you through the open and wooded land of The Hermitage. There are hills to climb, valleys to descend and vistas to see. Each stop on this walk has been located to give you a specific sense of place; a vantage point from which to see beyond your surroundings into your imagination of the events of the via crucis (way of the cross) and beyond that into a spiritual reality available because of these events.  Like praying with icons, this is not meant to be a picture of what is, but rather a window into the spiritual realities to which these stations point. Stay at each station as long as you desire. We encourage you to speak the prayer of praise aloud before you move to the next station. Our prayer is that you walk with Jesus on this day of triumph through tragedy.

To begin, cross the drive at St. Joseph’s Barn and proceed toward the red shed at the bottom of the hill. Pass the shed and look for three orange flags. Continue into the stand of pines. Orange flags mark the meditation trail. Look for yellow numbers on white squares marking each station. The last page of this guide is a map of the walk. Walking sticks may be helpful and are plentiful in the woods as you first enter the yellow trail.