Standing with Mary Magdalene: Re-discovering Devotion to Christ

Mary Magdalene icon
In this era of “Me too” we are uncovering the misuses of power embedded in our culture. Mary Magdalene’s historic reputation has been the victim of this kind of abuse of power. We miss the intensity of her personal devotion to Christ and her unflagging faith and deep understanding of what Jesus taught if we get side-tracked by the sensationalism of the tradition surrounding her. Looking at the brief Biblical record about her gives a startlingly different portrait of the Mary who was part of the company of women who supported Jesus and his disciples. She was a woman of great humanity, great courage, great love, and great fidelity.
Come stand with Mary M in recovering her story of devotion and discovering your own devotion to Christ. This retreat is for women and men. We will begin with supper on Friday evening (please arrive by 5pm) and conclude by 4pm on Saturday afternoon.
Retreat Facilitator: Naomi  Wenger
To register email or call before May 24: OR 269-244-8696.
Suggested Donation: $100