A Big Thank You to Our Summer Volunteers

Along with Zac and Kristi Bowman Cooke, who ably managed The Hermitage during David and Naomi Wenger’s sabbatical this summer, we were blessed by the generous support of a bevy of volunteers. Beginning in July with Mary, Karl and Mary Lynne Herr, followed by Marty Suter and John Martens. Jay and Barbara Budde, gardeners extraordinaire, bridged from July to August followed by Mary Asmonga Knapp. Marty Suter returned for a short stint and Mary Knapp also came back for another week toward the end of September. Biff Weidman and Margie Pfeil hosted the Jam Workday and the Feast of the Transfiguration in August. We are truly grateful for the hard work of each of these folks who made the work lighter for the Bowman-Cookes and kept a way and a place for all to pray.