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Annual Letter from The Hermitage Board

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Deanna Risser, Hermitage Board President, has written a letter to all friends of The Hermitage. Please read it here: 2017 Annual Appeal.

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Spiritual Exercises, 19th Annotation Retreat Offered

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Spiritual Exercises: 9-Month Retreat September 30, 2017 – June 2, 2018 Every person in the world is so put together that by praising, revering, and living according to the will of God our Lord, he or she can safely reach the Reign of God. This is the original purpose of each human life. This statement frames the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola. Ignatius’ life-long project, to introduce people to a method of following Jesus that engaged them in looking for God in all things, resulted in what we know as the Spiritual Exercises. While his original design was for a person to complete the exercises in 30 days, he recognized that many people would not be able to leave their work and families for that extended time. So, he also encouraged an adaptation of the exercises that spans approximately 30 weeks rather than 30 days. We are forming a small cohort of folks (limit 6) who wish to embark on the Exercises together using this expanded format. Participation will involve monthly meetings (2.5 hours) with the group and a monthly one-on-one meeting (1 hour) with Naomi Wenger, the Director of the retreat. Persons who want to participate should be able to commit to an hour of prayer and meditation each day for the duration of the retreat and to attend the group and private meetings. Cost for the retreat is $600. A deposit of $120 is due (by July 31) to reserve your place in the group. The initial meeting will be September 30 beginning at 9 am. Subsequent meetings will be scheduled at that time. If you are interested in being part of this group, please contact Naomi Wenger (269-244-8696) by July...

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Hermitage Jam Work Day and Feast of the Transfiguration Retreat

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Hermitage Jam Work Day and Feast of the Transfiguration Retreat August 4 & 5, 2017 Hermitage Jam, Friday, August 4 The annual jam-making workday will be held Friday, August 4 from 9 am – 4 pm. Join us for a day of berrying, jam-preparation and fellowship. Wresting the berries from the canes is a heroic task that leaves most pickers exhilarated, if a little scratched. It is so satisfying to pick a handful of berries all at once and then see them turned into a glorious black-purple jam. There are tasks in the field or the woods, and in the kitchen for all. If you have ever wanted to learn to make jam, this event is for you. If you love eating jam, just being outside, or hearing the “ker-plink, ker- plank, ker-plunk” of berries in your bucket, this event is for you. Participants can come for the day or for Friday and Saturday. The midday meal will be a salad and dessert potluck. Bring your favorite salad or whip up a batch of brownies to share. Those staying over will be treated to a cookout for supper. The work day will begin at 9 am with Morning Prayer in the Grove. Transfiguration Retreat, Saturday, August 5 The Feast of the Transfiguration retreat on Saturday, August 5, from 9 am to 4 pm, will be led by David and Naomi Wenger on the theme, “Until the day dawns,” exploring the possibility of spying God in the everyday. We will have time for prayer, walking, quiet, and communion around the Lord’s Table. There will also be a covenanting ritual for those choosing to be part of The Hermitage Way, for the coming year. Join us for this retreat, counting our extra- ordinary, daily blessings. A midday meal will be provided for retreat guests on Saturday. There is no cost to participants of the workday or the retreat. Donations are accepted for overnight stays before or after either day. Let us know you are coming or reserve a room: call (269-244-8696) or email ( to let us know your...

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Pysanky Egg Dyeing on Holy Saturday

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A handful of people came together in Gathering Room on April 15, Holy Saturday, to create pysanky eggs, in the ancient Ukranian tradition of decorating Easter eggs. The day began with the reading of Chicken Sunday, a children’s storybook written and illustrated by Patricia Polacco. In the story three neighborhood friends decorate and sell pysanky eggs to earn money so that they can buy an Easter hat for a beloved grandma. Next, David gave instructions on the process of decorating eggs using a kitska, a writing tool which dispenses warmed bees wax onto the egg. Then eggs were dyed starting with the lightest color dye, adding wax after each dying, and ending with the darkest dye. Participants chose their designs from the many examples available or created their own. We all worked at our own pace; some decorating several eggs throughout the morning and afternoon. The most exciting part of the process happens when the design is complete and the final dye is dry. The wax on the egg is slowly melted and wiped off revealing the glorious pattern of colors that have been preserved by the wax relief process. The eggs used for decorating had all been blown out so we ate a hearty egg casserole for lunch. We hope to offer this event again next year. Look for an announcement on the Hermitage calendar sometime in...

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A Letter from our Board President

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  We wish you an Advent full of anticipation, waiting full of hope and, consolation that does not disappoint. Please consider this letter from our board President. Blessings, David and Naomi...

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